Welcome To the Heritage Inn Motel

The Heritage Inn has a selection of 34 clean comfortable rooms.

  • Queen Beds
  • King Bed

The Heritage Inn Motel is located in Fairview, Oklahoma. Fairview is 45 minutes southwest of Enid, Oklahoma and acts as the Doorway to Oklahoma’s Red Carpet Country.

A short trip can take you to adventure spots such as Canton Lake, Alabaster Caverns, the Gloss Mountains and Roman Nose State Park


Have you ever wondered how old steam powered farm equipment worked?
Do you like old machines, combines, trucks and tractors?

The Annual Threshing Bee gives you a trip back in time. Each year enthusiasts demonstrate and pay tribute to the farming life and to the antique equipment that once fed our country.

Every year, the town of Fairview, Oklahoma entertains folks from far and wide with the Annual Threshing Bee.

Many old farming tools, saws and implements are displayed and demonstrated which can rarely be seen elsewhere.

There is also unique souvenirs and food, including farm and chuck wagon style.

If you like old tractors and even some old trucks and cars, then you will be pleased to find them on prominent display and even working at the Threshing Bee.